Design and Engineering

for a Wireless World


The Challenge

Ever-Changing Technology

As the world grows increasingly dependent on wireless technology, RF Engineering professionals are becoming essential to solving technically challenging requirements.

At Radio Design Group, we believe that innovation should be available at all levels of wireless design, from big-budget consumer-driven products to the unconventional independent startup. Innovation can be inhibited by budget constraints, government regulations, or short-sighted management philosophy. Our mission is to promote thinking "outside the box."

The Solution

A Commitment to Innovation

Driven by curiosity, the RDGI philosophy of “Imagineering” pushes us to develop new ideas and designs for our ever-changing technological world. Our team of engineers, technicians, and support staff are encouraged to create solutions that are not yet discovered or utilized. Our team is willing to try "one thousand ways not to build a light bulb," even if it means attempting ideas that may fail in order to discover the right one, honoring the legacy of the innovators who have gone before us.

The RDGI process is dynamic-- often coloring outside the standard lines of design and development. By thinking outside the box and using unconventional methods to create solutions that would normally be out of reach, we have pioneered several unique ideas and products now active in the market of RF and wireless design. Our commitment to innovation serves as the core to our company values:

01. Customer Service

The principal tenet guiding our business philosophy is our dedication to customer care and satisfaction; the willingness to try out unique ideas and schools of thought.

02. Quality Control

By following industry standards, including requirements for static protection and product handling, we strive for the highest level of quality from start to finish, with long-term reliability built-in. 

03. Security

Our state-of-the-art secure facility ensures complete control and protection of sensitive materials, ensuring all intellectual property is carefully managed to avoid risk of compromise or theft.

04. On-site production

We believe in the importance of hands-on capability for Research & Development, as well as full control in the assembly process and modification work.



implementing creative ideas into practical form


What We Offer

Having started as a small design and engineering firm, RDGI's commitment to research and innovation is what gives us the edge when meeting diverse customer requirements, new equipment design and production, performance upgrades of existing systems, and program life extension. 

The wide variety of products we offer stems from our unique capabilities.  More than just a component and system supplier, RDGI provides design, manufacturing, maintenance, and upgrade services, both to military and commercial clients. We've worked with a wide variety of digital and analog technologies, including cellular, paging, spread-spectrum, and narrow-band voice, as well as data communication and interference resistant technologies. Our expertise ranges from component design through system integration and architectural design, down to the antenna.


Commercial and Military Applications

RDGI has a long-standing history working in development with government and military defense programs, as well as projects for the commercial market. We apply exacting quality standards to both sectors, ensuring the highest level of product integrity.

We design beyond the conventional military approach, emphasizing technological innovation while using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies. Our goal is to combine the innovation and performance of the commercial market with the reliability and ruggedness demanded by tough military applications. This may include:

  • Advanced RF Filtering
  • Amplitude Compandored Single Sideband (ACSB)
  • Spread Spectrum/MVSK
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • High Performance RF Switching
  • High performance Antenna Commutation
  • Advanced Automated Testing

Obsolescence Engineering

The electronics industry is changing constantly, with new improvements happening all the time. As parts are replaced with newer versions and old parts become unavailable, these improvements can create obsolescence issues. Many programs, both commercial and military, do not need constant upgrades.

RDGI is ready for the challenge that arises when design adjustments must accommodate newer, more available parts. We provide maintenance and repair service for clients dealing with inadequate levels of support on critical systems. Our companion manufacturing capability means we can also build, qualify, test and most importantly, support replacements as necessary. The biggest factor for success in RF design is experience in these areas:

  • RF Engineering
  • Software Development
  • DSP Engineering
  • FPGA Development
  • Mechanical Engineering

Product Manufacturing

Wireless devices, especially in high-performance systems, frequently require a level of manufacturing and testing performance not found in conventional manufacturing operations. With over 20 years of experience making RF and wireless devices, our manufacturing capability and facility are fine-tuned to high standards. Our engineering and customer service efforts are supported by industry-leading technicians, committed to ongoing training, and supported by a state of the art facility and equipment, including multiple automated RF test systems, shielded rooms, and complete rework facilities.

Many of the areas of design and production in which we specialize include:

  • Part 15 Devices
  • RF Ranging
  • Paging Receivers
  • Wireless Data Devices
  • Spread Spectrum Devices
  • Narrow Bandwidth Wireless Devices

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