Quality ASSURANCE policy

RDGI is committed to providing first-class design and innovative engineering solutions at the highest level of quality. The principle tenet guiding our business philosophy is our dedication to customer care and satisfaction. Our employee-centric dynamic fosters ingenuity, both on an individual and collaborative level, ensuring the integrity of each RDGI product is a reflection of each RDGI employee.

RDGI has adopted a process approach for its management system. By identifying the top-level processes within the company, and then managing each of these discretely, this reduces the potential for nonconforming Products and Services discovered during final processes or after delivery. Instead, nonconformities and risks are identified in real time, by actions taken within each of the top-level processes.


Leadership & COMMITMENT

Senior Management Team of RDGI is committed to the development and implementation of the management system and continual improvement of its effectiveness. We adopt a customer-first approach which ensures that customer needs and expectations are determined, converted into requirements and are met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.



RDGI determines the knowledge necessary for the operation of its processes and to achieve conformity of products and services. This knowledge shall be maintained, and made available to the extent necessary. When addressing changing needs and trends, RDGI shall consider its current knowledge and determine how to acquire or access the necessary additional knowledge. Staff members performing work affecting product quality are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skills and experience.


Design and Development of Products and Services

For new designs and for significant design changes, RDGI ensures the translation of customer needs and requirements into detailed design outputs. These address performance, reliability, maintainability, testability, and safety issues, as well as regulatory and statutory requirements.


Control of Externally Provided Processes, Products, and Services

RDGI ensures that purchased Product and Service conform to specified purchase requirements. The type and extent of control applied to the supplier and the purchased products or services are dependent on the effect on subsequent Product and Service realization or the final product. RDGI evaluates and selects suppliers based on their ability to supply products and services in accordance with the organization's requirements. Criteria for selection, evaluation and re-evaluation are established.

Purchases are made via the release of formal purchase orders and/or contracts which clearly describe what is being purchased. Received products or services are then verified against requirements to ensure satisfaction of requirements. Suppliers who do not provide conforming products or services may be requested to conduct formal corrective action.


Customer Satisfaction

RDGI monitors information relating to customer perception as to whether the organization has met customer requirements. The corrective and preventive action system shall be used to develop and implement plans for customer satisfaction improvement that address deficiencies identified by these evaluations, and assess the effectiveness of the results.