Our Story

Radio has been around, in one form or another, for over a century. The early research into radio waves is even older than that. For Radio Design Group, radio’s history is a resource that yields a treasure trove of information. It was called “wireless” back then, a term which has come back into vogue in recent years. 

The principles laid down by the early pioneers of radio are still just as valid today as they were a hundred years ago. Luminaries like Nicola Tesla, who first invented remote control via radio (vital to today’s drones), was also responsible for wireless power transfer, the basis for wireless battery charging that is just now becoming popular. Other names come to mind, such as Marconi, who helped make radio a practical form of communication, or Major Edwin Armstrong, who invented many of the methods and circuits that are still commonly used in wireless designs today. Other, perhaps more obscure contributions have come from unlikely sources: the actress Hedy Lamar is less famously known for her invention of the first spread-spectrum system, technology still used in military and cellular applications around the globe. 

Since its incorporation in 1992, Radio Design Group has grown from a small RF consulting company specializing in small commercial markets to a vital contributor of unique and innovative products that have advanced the state of technology in both the commercial and defense related markets. Although continuing its tradition of innovative designs, the company has expanded the value of its services with high-quality manufacturing. No matter what the source, we still rely on the massive work done by those who have gone before us. When we design a new receiver, Major Armstrong is still whispering in our ear about frequency mixers and IF filters. When we create a new form of jam-resistant radio, Hedy Lamar’s work is not very far out of mind.

Again and again, we rely on old principles and methods, even as we design new, state of the art systems for commercial and military use. Our level of engineering excellence and innovative designs are now being carried forward as we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Our Management Team

Jim Hendershot, President/Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

With a start in broadcasting and early mobile communications, Jim has worked in the radio and wireless industry for over 45 years. Building on his experience, he founded Radio Design Group in 1992. He holds several patents in communications, including emergency callbox technologies, antennas, and jam-resistant communications. In 2001, Jim was elected as a Fellow to the oldest communications society in the world, the Radio Club of America (RCA). An active Amateur Radio operator, engineer and inventor, Jim lives on the Rogue River with Kirsten, his wife of over 40 years. He also works as RDGI’s in-house barista!

Einar Devore, Production Manager

A native Oregonian, Einar was one of the earliest members of the RDGI team, starting out as a technician. His 12-year experience in the National Guard as a heavy weapons specialist and retention NCO made him an effective communicator and exceptional leader. The two eldest of Einar’s three sons followed his father’s footsteps and are now in the military. Einar is away from the office as often as he can to go hunting, ride his motorcycle, or other outdoor adventures with his family. His wife Lindsay is famous in the office for her baked goods!

Dennis Haley, Engineering Manager

Serving in the Army during Vietnam, Dennis began his management career as the maintenance NCO for an assault helicopter company. He completed a B.S. in Technical Management from Arizona State University, then moved to Southern Oregon from Chandler, Arizona in 1988 with his wife Margie and 3 children. Building on 30 years of management experience, Dennis joined RDGI in 2005. When he isn’t enjoying driving his sports car, Dennis is content to spend time on his tractor or making memories with his kids and 9 grandkids.

Nick Kanta, Customer Support

Spending his childhood moving all over the Pacific Northwest as his father often relocated, Nick has a profound appreciation and understanding of small business operations. With over 20 years of retail customer support and management, Nick is in charge of customer support. An avid motorcyclist, Nick enjoys exploring the outdoors with his camera to take a break from the perils of raising two teenage boys with his wife, Julie. (And, he loves Star Wars.)